Kitchen Organization Ideas You’d Never Think Of

For many families, the kitchen is the heart of the home. But, it can be hard to keep organized. With crockery, pots, pans, gadgets, utensils, and all sorts of pantry items, your kitchen may seem to overflow with items. Thankfully, you can make the most of your counter and cabinet space with clever kitchen organization strategies. 

Here are a handful of kitchen organization ideas you’d never think of: 

Toe-Kick Cabinets

The toe-kicks are the indented area beneath your lower cabinets. While this may seem like too little space to make use of, it’s the perfect width for thin items like baking sheets, muffin pans, and even cookbooks that you only pull out every once in a while. Don’t let this valuable space go to waste! Continue reading “Kitchen Organization Ideas You’d Never Think Of”

The Ultimate Guide to Built-Ins

Built-ins have secured their space as a popular design feature for modern homeowners. With the option to install custom built-ins in the most important areas of your home, you can reap the maximum benefit of this storage solution. 

Let’s learn more about built-ins for homeowners in Florida and beyond.  

Defining Built-Ins

As the name suggests, built-ins are constructed into a home’s interior. So, rather than adding storage to a room in the form of furniture, built-ins provide storage within your home’s walls.  Continue reading “The Ultimate Guide to Built-Ins”

Built-in Storage Ideas

If you’re looking to take your home’s space to the next level, consider built-in storage. Built-in storage units are incorporated into the structure of your home, providing a sleeker look along with streamlined functionality! Modern homeowners love the look and function of built-in storage, along with the value that it provides to their homes. 

With built-in storage, the sky’s the limit. There are countless options to fulfill your home’s storage needs, from cabinets to closets and everything in between. Here, we’ve compiled a variety of innovative built-in storage ideas so that you can gather inspiration for your Tampa home! Continue reading “Built-in Storage Ideas”

Bathroom Storage You Don’t Think About Until You Need It

Homeowners go to great lengths to keep their bathrooms clean and clutter-free. To maintain a sparkling clean bathroom, however, organization is essential. With many different objects in your bathroom, from towels to toiletries to cleaning products and more, it can be tricky to stow everything away. 

Below, you’ll find smart storage ideas to streamline your bathroom. When every item has a designated storage space, your bathroom will be an orderly oasis. Continue reading “Bathroom Storage You Don’t Think About Until You Need It”

Advantages of Built-In Shelving Over Book Cases and Media Centers

Have you ever considered making the switch from furnishings to built-in options? There are a lot of advantages to getting built-in shelving and ditch the excess, large, bulky furniture. Here are just a few of the advantages to scheduling an estimate for your new built-in shelving.

Built-in shelving utilizes “unusable” spaces.

Some living spaces, especially if they are a bit oddly shaped, have at least one nook or cranny that seems impossible to use. Finding just the right sized cabinet or bookcase to fill the space could be a nightmare, but it can easily be transformed into additional space through built-in shelving. Continue reading “Advantages of Built-In Shelving Over Book Cases and Media Centers”

Why Closet Space Is a Sore Point Among House Hunters

Did you know that out of the 80 percent of Americans who are not completely satisfied with their home purchase, almost 10 percent said that the worst sticking point was a lack of storage and closet space. But what makes this so frustrating? Here’s what most homeowners have to say about their lack of closets.

Why is there never a closet near the front or back doors? 

If you have a dirty job or hobby, having a closet near the main point of entry is ideal for keeping the mess contained to one location. If it is raining, having a closet by the door gives you a dry place to store open umbrellas, hang rain coats, or allow rain boots to air dry. A handy spot for grabbing a jacket is also a plus. Continue reading “Why Closet Space Is a Sore Point Among House Hunters”

Make Use of Every Inch of Your Kitchen with These Organizational Shelving Ideas

A kitchen remodel is the perfect opportunity to reorganize your kitchen with the best shelving ideas. You can get these custom shelves installed in your kitchen as part of your remodel, spending barely more than you would have anyway. Planning ahead for these shelving ideas make them that much more effective. Here are a few to consider.

Filing space

Muffin tins, cookie sheets, and rectangular cake pans can be easily stored and accessed when you create a “filing” system. The cabinet only needs to be fitted with customized slots so that you can separate the different types of bakeware. Continue reading “Make Use of Every Inch of Your Kitchen with These Organizational Shelving Ideas”

Organizing and Decorating Tips for Your Entertainment Room

There comes a point in most families’ lives when you have to embrace the need for an entertainment room. Whether you choose an unused bedroom, a family room or den, or the finished basement, having an entertainment room can help your family coexist, while also bringing your family together on occasion. Here are some tips for organizing and decorating your entertainment room.

The Custom Entertainment Center

You should start with an entertainment center that works specifically for your collections and interests. If you or your teenage sons like to play a lot of video games, make sure your entertainment center has the ability to run all of the systems in an organized way. Cord organization for the game systems and all other tv peripherals is also important. Continue reading “Organizing and Decorating Tips for Your Entertainment Room”

Converting Closet Space into Useable Storage

One of the biggest complaints of homeowners is that they don’t have enough closets, and the closets they do have are just open cavities that seem to have been built as an afterthought. These empty chambers usually have just a clothing bar and one upper shelf. If you need to store anything other than clothes or coats, that closet isn’t doing you a lot of good. 

If you really want to make use of your closet space, you’ll need to spruce it up a bit (or maybe a lot). Here are a few ways you could do that. Continue reading “Converting Closet Space into Useable Storage”

Organizational Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

Regardless of why you have decided to remodel your bathroom, it is a great time to design the room in a way that makes the most sense for you. Not only does a bathroom remodel give you a chance to get the aesthetic and theme you want, it also gives you an opportunity to customize how your bathroom is organized, unique to you and your family. Here are some ideas.

Recessed Built-In Shelving

You can really never have enough shelves in a bathroom. The biggest complaint most people have about their bathroom is that it doesn’t have enough storage space. Or if it does have storage space, it is very compact and not easily organized. Continue reading “Organizational Bathroom Remodeling Ideas”