Make Use of Every Inch of Your Kitchen with These Organizational Shelving Ideas

A kitchen remodel is the perfect opportunity to reorganize your kitchen with the best shelving ideas. You can get these custom shelves installed in your kitchen as part of your remodel, spending barely more than you would have anyway. Planning ahead for these shelving ideas make them that much more effective. Here are a few to consider.

Filing space

Muffin tins, cookie sheets, and rectangular cake pans can be easily stored and accessed when you create a “filing” system. The cabinet only needs to be fitted with customized slots so that you can separate the different types of bakeware.

Make the most of corner spaces with lazy susans

Most people don’t want corner cabinets because they tend to be awkward to access, and seem like just a waste of space. But without corner cabinets, you wind up with that wasted space anyway, you just can’t see it. So the best way to take advantage of that space is a corner cabinet with a lazy susan. Lazy susans offer easy access to items, although they do take away some of the cabinet space.

Built-in Drawer Dividers

Keeping kitchen drawers organized can be a nightmare, but drawer dividers will help you keep everything accessible with the quick flick of a hand. If you know that your baking and cooking needs may change in the future, ask your contractor to make the drawer dividers adjustable.

Overhead pot and pan storage

One of the best ways to make the most use of your cabinet space is to take the bulkier items out of the cabinets altogether. It can be very frustrating trying to pull a pot or pan out of the mess of pots and pans in the cabinet that never seems to stay organized. But if you move those pots and pans overhead, you can keep them organized and not have to worry about all of that bending. Plan ahead and tell your contractor so they can install the proper equipment on the ceiling.

Install drawers in lower cabinets.

Who says lower cabinets have to be open and disorganized? Have your contractor install basket drawers in the upper reaches of your lower cabinets to make them more usable. You can still keep some space at the bottom of the cabinet for that storage you’re looking for.

If you are interested in these or other ideas to maximize your kitchen space, contact us today.