The Best Storage Solutions for Sporting Goods

If you lead a very active lifestyle, chances are you have a lot of sporting goods. Sporting goods are one of the most difficult things to store out of the way in an organized manner. Balls roll, poles and bats fall to the side, and protection gear doesn’t fit well on a standard closet shelf. The end result is that if you have traditionally built closets, all of your sporting goods end up in the bottom of a closet completely disorganized. If you want to avoid those closets that have things spilling out of them, you’ll need some custom closet solutions.

Ball Storage

Whether you are storing basketballs, baseballs, softballs, soccer balls, footballs, tennis balls, or golf balls, you need reliable storage that won’t have them rolling all over the place. The best ball storage is a large pull out drawer in the bottom of a closet. With a large enough drawer, you can store a number of balls of varying shapes and sizes in a way that will be easy to find without them rolling when you get into the closet for something else. Continue reading “The Best Storage Solutions for Sporting Goods”

Baby Safety Month: How Closet Solutions Help Baby Proof Your Home

When you have a crawling infant that is pulling themselves up on furniture and seemingly getting into everything, you want to do everything you can to keep them safe as they explore their tiny world. Baby proofing your home can seem like a huge chore, but it is most definitely an important one. In order to keep your home baby friendly, you’ll need to be able to keep certain things out of reach. Closet solutions can help you do just that.

Choking Hazards

You might be surprised at the things that pose a choking hazard to infants and young children. Not only do you need to keep small objects out of reach, you also need to keep items with a chain or string away from children. Anything that could be accidentally swallowed in whole or in part should be kept put away where the child cannot reach. Choking is the fourth leading cause of death in children under the age of five. Don’t let your child be a statistic, but use custom closet solutions such as built in drawers to hold small items. Continue reading “Baby Safety Month: How Closet Solutions Help Baby Proof Your Home”

How Unique Customized Storage Solutions Can Transform Your Home

Closet JobsDoes your home always seem to be cluttered? Can you just not seem to get every room in the house cleaned at once because things are getting moved from room to room as you clean? These are clear signs that you do not have the right storage solutions for your lifestyle. The primary goal of any storage solution is to have a place for everything and everything in its place.

Closet Storage Solutions

Most closets in homes are not built to be space efficient. Most have a clothing rod, maybe a shelf or two, and a lot of open space that is not great for much of anything. You don’t have to deal with this waste of space. Storage solutions can be designed to meet your needs and customized to fit into any closet. If you have a room that needs a closet, we can design the perfect closet according to your specifications. Continue reading “How Unique Customized Storage Solutions Can Transform Your Home”

Storage Solutions for School-Age Children

One of the most challenging parts of being a parent of school-age children is keeping them organized. Children have school clothes, play clothes, Sunday-best clothes, several pairs of shoes, underclothes, pajamas, toys, games, cards, art supplies, school supplies, and a myriad of other things depending on your child’s interests. Sometimes it can seem as though your home is dedicated as a storage spot for your child’s belongings.

Luckily, there are a lot of storage solutions that can be designed specifically for school-aged children. One of the challenges to storage solutions for children is that their needs change rapidly. To combat this problem, it is best to find storage solutions that can easily be adjusted as your child grows. Adjustable or removable shelves and clothing rods can go a long way toward keeping your child organized until they are ready to go out into the world on their own. Continue reading “Storage Solutions for School-Age Children”

Three Storage Tips to Consider When Building Your Home

Cabinet JobsWhen you build your own home, you have the unique position of being able to design your new home with whatever features you like. There are a number of considerations you should make in the design of your home, but one of the things that many people overlook is their storage spaces. Often the biggest complaint that people have when they move into a new home is a lack of storage space, but you are in a position to make sure that you have all you need. Here are three storage tips to consider when designing your home.

Make Storage Adaptable

Chances are that the storage needs you have now will change over time. If you have small children, their closets will need to be able to adapt as their clothing gets bigger. If you have adult children, you will want to be able to convert your storage spaces to new uses when they go to college or move out. Our closet and storage solutions can be made to easily convert to additional uses as your needs change. Continue reading “Three Storage Tips to Consider When Building Your Home”

Make Use of Dead Space with Unique Storage Solutions

Cabinet JobsEspecially if you have a small space or a large family, finding storage solutions that keep your home clean and organized can be a chore. Yet you may have more space in your home than you think. There are often dead spaces in our homes that don’t seem like enough to worry about, but it all adds up to missed storage opportunities. Here are some examples of dead space that you can turn into organized storage.


In almost every room you will have at least one corner that is unoccupied by furnishings or decorations and has no practical use. Even the smallest of corner spaces can be easily turned into customized storage solutions. You can have a small closet installed in larger corner spaces. In smaller spaces, you can have shelving systems installed. These can be used for craft supplies, toys, board games, video game systems and games, DVDs, music, stereo systems, or any number of other uses. Continue reading “Make Use of Dead Space with Unique Storage Solutions”

Three Common Misconceptions about Storage in Small Spaces

Cabinet JobsIf you have a small home, a small apartment, or a small cottage off of a main house, it can seem like there is just no good place to store your stuff. Many people try to solve this problem with storage totes under tables, beds, or chairs, yet you would be surprised at the unused space in your home. Here are three common misconceptions about storage in small spaces.

One Closet Is Not Enough

Even the smallest of spaces usually has at least one closet, but one closet may not seem like it is enough space to effectively store your stuff. This is because of the way most closets are designed. Most traditional closets only have one or two shelves and hanging rods. This does not maximize the space for effective use. Our expert design team can use unique storage solutions to transform your closet, so that you can store more items in a more organized way. Continue reading “Three Common Misconceptions about Storage in Small Spaces”

Why It Seems You Never Have Enough Storage Space

Cabinet JobsOne of the biggest complaints after moving into a new home is storage space. Most people feel that they can never have enough storage space. As Americans, we have a tendency to accumulate a wide variety of items, some of which may only be used once or twice a year. Even in a home that has lots of closets, it can be difficult to organize your stuff so that you can find it when you need it.

The Need for Decluttering and Organization

Most Americans have items in their home that they don’t really need. The decluttering movement has seen a recent surge, and for good reason. Studies have shown that people are much happier and less prone to depression and anxiety when their homes are decluttered and organized. This does not mean that you need to get rid of everything you own. On the contrary, it is more about making sure that you have a purpose for the things you keep and an organized place to keep them. Continue reading “Why It Seems You Never Have Enough Storage Space”

Attention Arthritis Sufferers: Kitchen Cabinets for You

Arthritis can be a debilitating condition. As arthritis worsens over time, you could find it difficult to stoop down to reach lower kitchen cabinets, or have trouble reaching into other higher cabinets. Most cabinets are built with deep single shelves, which can make it difficult to access your foods, dishes, and cooking equipment when you are having an arthritis flare up. However, there are some kitchen cabinet solutions available that can help you access all of the areas of your kitchen in greater comfort and ease.

Lazy Susan

A Lazy Susan is a specific type of cabinet that is usually installed in the corners of your kitchen. These cabinets have two or more turn styles that will allow you to store food or gadgets and be able to easily access them. Simple turn the wheel and whatever you need will come to the front of the cabinet. This is great for arthritis sufferers who have a difficult time reaching into the backs of cabinets. Continue reading “Attention Arthritis Sufferers: Kitchen Cabinets for You”

The Shoe Lover’s Conundrum: Organizing Your Closets

Both men and women alike enjoy collecting shoes. You likely have at least several pairs of shoes for different occasions or outfits. If you have more than one or two pairs of shoes, organizing your shoes and finding a home for them can be difficult. Most closets are not initially designed to accommodate several pairs of shoes. While you could simply line them up on the floor underneath your clothing, there are some great storage solutions for shoes that keep them organized and easily accessible.

Built In Storage

If you have a walk in closet, it is very easy to have built in storage for your shoes. This can be something as simple as cubbies for each pair of shoes. For most shoes the cubbies do not have to be very big, so you could feasibly fit enough cubbies for all of your shoes without digging into the closet space you have left for your clothing. Continue reading “The Shoe Lover’s Conundrum: Organizing Your Closets”