Do Built-Ins Add Value to Your Home?

Built-ins are features, such as cabinetry and closets, that are built directly into the structure of a home. They offer complete customization and a streamlined appearance, offering convenience and aesthetic appeal for homeowners. 

Alongside their other benefits, do built-ins add value to your home? Read on to find out. 

Built-Ins: Value for Your Home

In short, yes – built-in features can add value to your home and lead to higher offers if you ever choose to put your property on the market. The extent of the value that built-ins add depends on the: Continue reading “Do Built-Ins Add Value to Your Home?”

Cabinet Hardware 101: Everything You Need to Know

Cabinet hardware may not be the first thing you think about during a renovation. But, from the kitchen to the bathroom to the closet and beyond, they’re essential to the form and function of your home’s cabinets. 

In this article, we’ll provide a comprehensive guide to cabinet hardware for your South Florida home. 

Types of Hardware

The two primary types of cabinet hardware are decorative and functional.  Continue reading “Cabinet Hardware 101: Everything You Need to Know”

5 Benefits of Installing Home Built-Ins

Built-ins are storage units installed directly into the structure of your home, providing seamless storage and a modern appearance. Choosing built-ins as your next renovation project can provide numerous benefits for your home, including:

Space Efficiency

The primary benefit of built-in storage is that it can create more open space in your home – with no expansion necessary. Since this form of home storage is built directly into the structure of your home, it’s a more efficient way to stow away your belongings. This will create more free space for furniture and appliances, or for people to walk around.  Continue reading “5 Benefits of Installing Home Built-Ins”

Home Renovations to Leave to the Pros

With the rise of DIY, many homeowners are taking on renovation projects on their own. While DIY renovations can be fun, fulfilling, and budget-friendly, certain projects are better (and more safely) left to the pros, including:

Closet Installation

When they’re designed and installed professionally, closets can seamlessly organize your belongings and simplify your daily routines. But, creating and installing a functional closet isn’t a simple task. To get the most out of your closet (and avoid costly errors), it’s best to leave it to the pros – especially if you’re interested in a built-in design.  Continue reading “Home Renovations to Leave to the Pros”

Tacking Restoration After Storm Damage

The period after a severe storm moves through your area can be a stressful one, to say the least. You may feel unsure of where to start, especially if your home underwent significant damage.

During this taxing time, it helps to have an expert team by your side throughout the home restoration process. Read on for our tips to successfully tackle restoration after a storm.  Continue reading “Tacking Restoration After Storm Damage”

Tips for a Successful Remodel

Remodeling your home is an investment in your future, whether you’re bringing your dream home to fruition or planning to sell the property for a profit. As such, ensuring the success of the remodel can secure your return on investment.

From a single-room remodel to a complete home transformation, we’re here to help streamline the process. Here are our top tips to make sure that your remodel goes off without a hitch: Continue reading “Tips for a Successful Remodel”

Common Issues To Look For When Buying a House That Needs Renovations

While shopping for a home, you’re faced with many options and dilemmas. One such option is to purchase a fixer-upper. A home that needs renovations requires more planning and forethought but can be an excellent investment in your future. 

If you’re considering buying a home that needs renovations, take a closer look at these common issues:

Outdated Fixtures and Paint Colors

Given that home design trends change, some home sellers don’t bother to update their interiors before putting the property up for sale. Thankfully, issues like outdated fixtures and paint colors can be addressed relatively cheaply and easily.  Continue reading “Common Issues To Look For When Buying a House That Needs Renovations”

Current Trends in Kitchen Remodels

Kitchen design trends are always fluctuating. Homeowners looking to remodel their space can consider these trends to create a modern space that suits their style and needs. 

Some of today’s most prevalent kitchen remodel trends include:

Exposed Shelving

Taking a hard turn from the minimalist approach, exposed shelving to show off your kitchen’s most attractive crockery is a clear trend in 2023. With open shelving, your kitchen items can become decorative features that are no longer hidden away in closed cabinets and drawers.  Continue reading “Current Trends in Kitchen Remodels”

Kitchen Organization Ideas You’d Never Think Of

For many families, the kitchen is the heart of the home. But, it can be hard to keep organized. With crockery, pots, pans, gadgets, utensils, and all sorts of pantry items, your kitchen may seem to overflow with items. Thankfully, you can make the most of your counter and cabinet space with clever kitchen organization strategies. 

Here are a handful of kitchen organization ideas you’d never think of: 

Toe-Kick Cabinets

The toe-kicks are the indented area beneath your lower cabinets. While this may seem like too little space to make use of, it’s the perfect width for thin items like baking sheets, muffin pans, and even cookbooks that you only pull out every once in a while. Don’t let this valuable space go to waste! Continue reading “Kitchen Organization Ideas You’d Never Think Of”

Things I Wish I Knew Before Starting a Kitchen Remodel

Embarking on a kitchen remodel is an exciting (and fruitful!) process. But, it also involves many moving parts, making organization, coordination, and communication key. In this article, we’ve compiled some of the tips that homeowners wish they knew before getting started. 

Plan Carefully Before Construction Starts.

The further along you get in the kitchen remodeling process, the more difficult it will get to change your mind. For example, once the plumbing has been moved (if relocating plumbing is part of your plan), you typically can’t turn back. So, take all the time you need to settle on a floor plan before construction starts, and make sure you’re wholly confident in your choices before the contractors come.  Continue reading “Things I Wish I Knew Before Starting a Kitchen Remodel”