Bathroom Storage You Don’t Think About Until You Need It

Homeowners go to great lengths to keep their bathrooms clean and clutter-free. To maintain a sparkling clean bathroom, however, organization is essential. With many different objects in your bathroom, from towels to toiletries to cleaning products and more, it can be tricky to stow everything away. 

Below, you’ll find smart storage ideas to streamline your bathroom. When every item has a designated storage space, your bathroom will be an orderly oasis.

Hidden Mirror Storage

Hidden storage is an excellent way to keep your bathroom looking clean and clutter-free, so storage installed behind the bathroom mirror will give you space to put all of your essentials within reach. From your toothbrush and toothpaste to face creams and vitamins, hidden mirror storage will stow away the bathroom items that you need at the ready while maintaining an elegant aesthetic. 

Custom Makeup Storage

Makeup can accumulate quickly, creating the need for storage with a wide range of compartment sizes and types. Custom makeup storage can be installed inside of your bathroom drawers to create a perfectly organized space for all types of cosmetics. Rather than digging through a catch-all drawer the next time you’re getting ready, you’ll be able to easily grab the item you need. 

Storage for Electric Hair Tools

In your bathroom, a hairdryer, flat iron, curling iron, and other hair gadgets can be the toughest to organize. With long cords and the need to stay safely away from splash zones, stowing these tools is often a dilemma. 

A designated cabinet equipped with bins is a good option for storing your hair tools. This will keep them away from water while maintaining accessibility. With custom cabinet installation, you can ensure that your bathroom cabinets feature a space that’s perfectly sized for these electronics while providing room for other larger bathroom items. 

Outlets Inside of Drawers

Electric hair tools have power cords. For complete convenience whenever you need to style your hair, consider having power outlets installed inside of the appliance drawers. This will spare you from having to use an outlet that’s too far away or that passes over the sink. 

Custom Storage Towers

If you’re in need of more bathroom storage than drawers alone can provide, custom storage towers installed in between the sinks could be a fantastic solution for you.

Our design experts can create custom storage towers to suit your individual needs. From the height of the tower to the number of shelves and the overall look of the storage fixture, we’ll optimize the space in your bathroom without compromising on style. 

For custom bathroom storage solutions, contact Total Design Source in Tampa today.