The Ultimate Guide to Built-Ins

Built-ins have secured their space as a popular design feature for modern homeowners. With the option to install custom built-ins in the most important areas of your home, you can reap the maximum benefit of this storage solution. 

Let’s learn more about built-ins for homeowners in Florida and beyond.  

Defining Built-Ins

As the name suggests, built-ins are constructed into a home’s interior. So, rather than adding storage to a room in the form of furniture, built-ins provide storage within your home’s walls. 

Built-ins can be installed in virtually any room in your home, from the kitchen to the bathroom to the mudroom and beyond. Many people install built-in bookshelves for their home offices, as well as built-in shelves for their closets. With this design feature, the possibilities are limitless. 

What Are The Benefits of Built-Ins?

Some of the most prominent benefits of built-ins include:

  • Additional storage space without the bulk of furniture
  • Sleek, elegant appearance that can be made to enhance your interiors
  • Superior organization and efficient storage for your household
  • The option of integrated benches and other seating
  • Tailored to your needs and preferences

Are There Any Downsides to Built-Ins?

While built-ins don’t present significant downsides, it’s important to realize that they’re a permanent interior feature. Unlike a bookshelf, you can’t simply move or remove built-ins. 

Considering its permanence, this design feature requires a bit more consideration than your average storage feature. Make sure to hire a skilled professional to design and install your built-ins. This way, you can depend on your built-ins to meet your aesthetic expectations, with the durability to withstand years of use. 

At Total Design Source, we offer high-end custom built-in cabinets and closets to bring your interiors to a new level. Our experienced team will help you find the best built-ins for your household’s needs. Contact us today to learn more!