20 Must-Have Kitchen Features to Add Storage and Style

The kitchen is a key gathering place in the home. It’s where holiday meals are prepared, breakfasts are thrown together, and heart-to-hearts are had. By focusing your next renovation project on the kitchen, you can ensure your updates go a long way!

These 20 must-have kitchen features will add storage and style to your renovated kitchen:

1. Built-In Hidden Appliances

Custom built-in cabinetry with space for your essential kitchen appliances will create a seamless flow. 

2. Narrow Vertical Pull-Out Drawers

Use every inch of space with narrow vertical pull-out drawers, perfect for spices and cooking utensils. 

3. Built-In Wine Storage

Keep your favorite bottles within reach with built-in wine storage that fits perfectly with the rest of your cabinetry. 

4. Built-In Wine Storage

For your chilled bottles, a built-in wine fridge will provide convenient access and an elegant look. 

5. Statement Lighting

Illuminate your kitchen with ample lighting that makes a style statement. 

6. Trash and Recycling Drawer

Create a customized drawer built to organize (and stow away) the trash and recycling. 

7. Pot Filler

Fill up your pots without having to haul them from the sink and back with a pot filler over the stove. 

8. Corner Storage Cabinet

No space is wasted with smart corner storage – ideal for lesser-used items or carousel shelving. 

9. Coffee Bar

Use custom built-ins to craft a stylish (and functional) coffee bar, complete with a grinder, coffee machine, and a selection of mugs. 

10. Extra-Deep Drawers

For your extra-large kitchen items, extra-deep drawers provide effortless storage. 

11. Glass Cabinet Doors

Do you have kitchen items, like fine china, that you’d like to show off? Glass cabinet doors will do just that, with many available styles and designs. 

12. Drawer Dividers

You’ll never have to hunt for a kitchen tool or utensil with thoughtful drawer dividers. 

13. Walk-In Pantry

If you have the square footage, a walk-in pantry with built-in shelving will provide unsurpassed kitchen organization. 

14. Two-Drawer Dishwasher

A drawer dishwasher will give your dishwasher a streamlined look. Opt for a two-drawer dishwasher to handle all of your household’s dishes. 

15. Cookbook Shelving

Bookshelves aren’t just for the home office – add a few built-in shelves above the sink or counter to house your cookbook collection. 

16. Hanging Pot Rack

Keep your favorite pots and pans on hand by hanging them on a rack (they’ll provide visual interest as a bonus). 

17. Island Storage

Don’t miss out on extra storage space; add built-in shelving and cabinets to the island. 

18. Under-cabinet Lighting

Under-cabinet lighting will illuminate your counters and can even work as a soft night light. 

19. Pet-Friendly Cabinetry

Pets are part of the family, too, and a pet-friendly portion of your kitchen cabinetry can help keep their food items organized. 

20. Prep Sink

Build a smaller sink into the island for simpler food prep, especially with multiple cooks in the kitchen. 

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