Tips for Planning a Successful Home Renovation

A renovation project is an excellent way to ensure that your home meets your evolving needs and aesthetic preferences. But, whether you want to renovate a single room or several areas throughout the home, careful planning is essential for a successful home renovation. 

Here are our top planning tips to make sure that your home renovation project goes off without a hitch: Continue reading “Tips for Planning a Successful Home Renovation”

5 Design Tips for Creating a Modern Kitchen

If the design of your kitchen is stuck in the past, it’s time for an upgrade. Whether you opt for a complete overhaul or a few minor updates, a renovation can bring your kitchen into the modern age. 

Our top tips for creating a modern kitchen include:

1. Consider Textures For Contrast. 

With stainless steel and bright white dominating many kitchens, it’s important to incorporate texture for a balanced, contemporary look. You can achieve this with warm, wooden accents, brushed copper, and various stone elements.  Continue reading “5 Design Tips for Creating a Modern Kitchen”

Renovation Projects That Can Add Value to Your Home

Renovation projects are not only a chance to upgrade your living space but also to enhance the value of your home. You’ll be able to enjoy the benefits of the renovation while increasing your profit on a future home sale. 

Some of the best renovation projects to grow the value of your property include:

Built-In Cabinetry

Thoughtfully designed built-in cabinetry can provide both form and function to your home. Among modern home buyers, built-in cabinetry is a desirable feature for its aesthetic value and space efficiency.  Continue reading “Renovation Projects That Can Add Value to Your Home”

Enhance Your Home with a Luxury Outdoor Kitchen

If you’re seeking a renovation project that will truly make your home stand out, consider a luxury outdoor kitchen. An open-air kitchen is a show-stopping addition to any home, providing both beauty and function for outdoor entertaining.

Luxury Outdoor Kitchen Design Options

An outdoor kitchen renovation provides many opportunities for customization. You can achieve a space that matches your aesthetic preferences and practical needs, all while enhancing the value of your home. Continue reading “Enhance Your Home with a Luxury Outdoor Kitchen”

The Importance of Storage in Kitchen Cabinets

To keep your kitchen tidy and functional, organization is a must. Your kitchen cabinets, in particular, must house everything from pantry items to dishware to kitchen tools and more. For an optimal kitchen setup, you’ll benefit from well-designed storage in your kitchen cabinets. 

Cabinet Storage Makes for an Uncluttered Kitchen. 

By eliminating clutter, you can make your kitchen a stress-free zone. Cabinet storage is the most effective way to stow away your kitchen items in an organized fashion. Continue reading “The Importance of Storage in Kitchen Cabinets”

The Steps to Planning a Home Remodeling Project

By remodeling your home, you can update your interiors, gain much-needed living space, and increase the value of your home. To ensure that your home remodeling project goes smoothly, it’s important to plan it carefully. 

Step 1: Determine Your Goals for the Remodel. 

The first step in planning your home remodeling project should be to determine your goals. Your vision for the project will guide each of the other steps in the planning process. Whether you need more space for a growing family, are looking to boost the value of your property, or want to modernize your living space, your goals are crucial to guiding the remodel.  Continue reading “The Steps to Planning a Home Remodeling Project”

Built-in Storage Ideas

If you’re looking to take your home’s space to the next level, consider built-in storage. Built-in storage units are incorporated into the structure of your home, providing a sleeker look along with streamlined functionality! Modern homeowners love the look and function of built-in storage, along with the value that it provides to their homes. 

With built-in storage, the sky’s the limit. There are countless options to fulfill your home’s storage needs, from cabinets to closets and everything in between. Here, we’ve compiled a variety of innovative built-in storage ideas so that you can gather inspiration for your Tampa home! Continue reading “Built-in Storage Ideas”

Creating a Home Remodeling Plan

Are you considering remodeling your home? If so, it’s important to create a detailed plan before getting started. A home remodeling plan includes vital information to guide the project, including the timeline, budget, and all of the components of the project. This article will walk you through the parts of an effective plan so that you can renovate your home without any headaches. 


One of the first details that you’ll need to establish for your home remodel is the budget. Your budget will guide every aspect of the renovation, and setting it at the beginning will ensure that the project doesn’t exceed your financial limit. To devise your budget, gather cost estimates from renovation experts and compare prices for all of the required materials. Your budget should also include a small percentage, such as 10%, for unforeseen expenses.   Continue reading “Creating a Home Remodeling Plan”

Tips for Choosing the Best Flooring Options in Every Room

Selecting the flooring for your home is a big decision. Many different types of flooring are available, but some options are better for specific rooms than others. To make the best choice, it is best to consider the unique needs of each room in your home, then research which flooring products fulfill those needs. 

The Dining Room, Living Room, and Bedrooms

Your dining room, living room, and bedrooms need to stand up to heavy foot traffic. But, you don’t have to worry about moisture and humidity, as you do in the kitchen and bathroom. Plus, in these popular rooms, you’ll likely want a beautiful flooring choice that blends in with the aesthetic of the room. With these considerations in mind, solid hardwood is our top choice. Hardwood offers unparalleled beauty and will boost the value of your home. As a more affordable alternative, consider engineered hardwood.  Continue reading “Tips for Choosing the Best Flooring Options in Every Room”

Choosing the Right Type of Flooring for Your Home

Flooring often isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when people think of the home design. However, flooring can have a major impact on the look of every room in your home. By selecting flooring carefully according to both aesthetic preferences and functional needs, you can significantly boost your home’s value.  


Hardwood flooring is a timeless, elegant choice that can be used for most rooms throughout your home. Available in a broad range of colors and types, wood provides the versatility needed to adjust your home’s flooring to the unique styles of each room.  Continue reading “Choosing the Right Type of Flooring for Your Home”