Custom Closets: Don’t Forget These Must-Haves

Custom closets are a fantastic way to maximize your square footage and expertly organize your home. If you’re considering adding this feature to your home, don’t miss out on these must-have additions!

Adjustable Shelving

As a homeowner, your needs are evolving, and your custom closet should account for changes over the years. Adjustable shelving makes it simple to change shelf heights to accommodate new purchases and changing seasons. 

Closet Lighting

A custom walk-in closet doesn’t just provide storage – it’s also a great place to get dressed. But, without proper lighting, viewing your items and getting ready is difficult (if not impossible). Customized built-in lighting can make all the difference in the function and appearance of your new closet. 

Functional Top Shelf Storage

The highest shelf of a closet is often left unused. But, this space is valuable and can be used effectively with a thoughtful design. With enough space for items you don’t use as often, like suitcases, you can make the top shelf work for you. The top shelf can also become home to off-season clothing that’s waiting for its time to shine. 

Built-in Drawers

When people think about the typical closet, they tend to picture open shelving. While open shelving certainly has a place in a modern closet, adding built-in drawers to your custom closet design can provide distinct benefits. Drawers make it easy to stow away small items, like socks, and create a more streamlined appearance. You can even add drawer dividers to further customize your storage.

What better way to start the new year than with an impeccably organized custom closet? At Total Design Source, we can bring your vision to life with a custom built-in closet that aligns with your storage needs and aesthetic preferences. Reach out to us today to talk to our team and get started!