Tips in Brightening Up Your Home

Light is a crucial aspect of any home design. Bright spaces are inherently inviting and pleasant, while dim areas can appear gloomy. Rooms that appear dark or dim can even lead to fatigue and poor productivity, given that our brains need light to stay awake during the day.  

If your home could use a lighter look, you’ve come to the right place. Here, we’ll discuss our top tips for brightening up the design of your home. These strategies are simple and easy to implement but will have a big impact on the overall look of your home. 


Mirrors can be used strategically to brighten up your interiors. Since mirrors reflect light, they can be used to maximize the existing light in a room. You can position a mirror on the wall facing or adjacent to a window to create the illusion of more natural light in a room. Even on a gray, cloudy day, the mirror will reflect light from outside and make your home appear brighter. 

Light-Colored Window Coverings

As the spaces through which natural light enters your home, windows are essential to the brightness of your interiors. Dark-colored curtains can block out light from your home, leading to a dark, often bleak look.

While you may want dark blackout curtains in your bedroom, choosing a lighter tone for the window coverings in the rest of your home will brighten up the space and emphasize the natural light that streams in. 

White Cabinets, Closets, and Tile

The colors that you select for your home’s cabinets, closets, floor tiles, and other surfaces can make a sizable difference in the brightness of your interiors. White reflects all of the visible light wavelengths, so white cabinets, closets, and tiles will reflect light throughout a space, causing a powerful brightening effect. This strategy works in any room but can be especially effective in the parts of your home that are lacking in natural light. For example, if you have a walk-in closet without any windows, choosing white will lighten the space and prevent it from looking dull. 

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