Keeping Kids Organized with Closet Solutions

Kids can be very disorganized and messy, but if you give them appropriate closet solutions, you can teach them neatness. When everything in their room has a designated place, children will have a much easier time keeping things tidy. Many young children cannot problem-solve easily to find a place to put something if they are unsure. Good closet organization is a great way to conquer this problem.

Low and High Shelving

Your child likely has a lot of gear for outings such as coats, diaper bags, backpacks, and raingear. Since there is no reason for your child to access these items, high shelving can be used to store them out of reach. Yet low shelving is also important. Low shelving can give children a place to store books, toys, shoes, art supplies, and more, all within easy reach.

Low and High Clothing Bars

Every child has everyday clothes, play clothes, and nice clothes. It can be very helpful to store children’s clothing on two separate bars, one low and one high. The high bar can hold the nice clothes that the child will not be wearing on a daily basis. The low bar can hold the clothing that the child can choose from each day to dress themselves quickly and easily.


Hooks in a child’s closet have a lot of uses. You can hang belts, scarves, mittens, and hats on hooks within the closet. The child can also use hooks to store certain toys or stuffed animals that have hooks or strings attached.

If you are looking for a way to keep your child more clean and organized, contact us today for more information or an estimate to build your dream child’s closet.