Designing the Perfect Kitchen for Holiday Cooking

What did you wish for the last time you cooked a holiday meal in your kitchen? Are you getting ready to cook your first holiday meal? When you look at your kitchen, do you think it can handle the demands you want to place on it?

If any of these answers lead you to remodeling your kitchen, you’re not alone. Most people who purchase a pre-existing home are unhappy with their kitchen in some way. If you want to enjoy preparing and hosting a big meal for your friends and family without getting too stressed out, now is the time to remodel your kitchen to meet your needs.

Here are a few things you might think about for your holiday kitchen:

Ovens and ranges

It is easy to see why it might be appealing to have more burners or ovens to work with. While you’re remodeling your kitchen, upgrade your appliances as well. You can get energy efficient ovens that build into the wall, with a full range adding another oven and as many as six or eight burners. 

Of course, the bigger the appliance, the more space will need to be dedicated to it in the planning stages. This is a decision you’ll have to make before your kitchen designer can produce a layout.

Food storage

Big holiday meals require a lot of food storage space. You have to be able to store all of your normal dietary needs as well as all of the extra ingredients for the holiday meal, plus extra space for snacks, desserts, and other goodies that will be eaten by guests for days surrounding the main event.

Again, this can be remedied somewhat with appliances, but built-in pantry space is also hugely helpful.

Design your kitchen for helpers.

Even if you normally cook alone, holiday meals usually require more than two hands. Design your kitchen so that you can delegate tasks without having people underfoot. The best way to do this is to install a kitchen island, complete with its own plumbing and sink. This can be used for mixing baking ingredients, chopping and prepping vegetables, or cleaning small instruments that need to be used again and again for different dishes.

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