Home Renovation Ideas to Improve Accessibility

Are you a homeowner suddenly facing disability or caring for someone with a disability? Even if you just have a frequent visitor that is using a wheelchair or other mobility device, adjusting things in and around your home can make a big difference in their experience in your household. Here are some of the home renovations you should consider, especially if someone in your home will require assistance for some time.

Grab Bars

Most people think to install grab bars in the bathroom, but what about elsewhere? Installing a grab bar next to the bed can be very helpful, especially if the individual has orthostatic hypotension (rapidly falling blood pressure when changing elevation). You can also install grab bars near their favorite place to sit in the living room, etc.

Shower Upgrades

There are actually several things you should look for in this type of shower. You need to get a walk in tub or a stand-alone shower that is of a fairly good size. In either case, there should be a built in seat so that you never again have to worry about maneuvering, positioning, cleaning, and storing a shower chair. You should also think about shelves at both seated and standing levels. A shower head that has adjustable pressure and can be used as a wand can also be very helpful.

Getting into the house.

Don’t forget that you or your loved ones have to be able to get into the house, and that might require additional renovations. You may need to replace your steps with a ramp, or add one to your existing porch and entryway. You may also need to level off your driveway and path to the house so that there are no trip or stability hazards.

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