Current Trends in Kitchen Remodels

Kitchen design trends are always fluctuating. Homeowners looking to remodel their space can consider these trends to create a modern space that suits their style and needs. 

Some of today’s most prevalent kitchen remodel trends include:

Exposed Shelving

Taking a hard turn from the minimalist approach, exposed shelving to show off your kitchen’s most attractive crockery is a clear trend in 2023. With open shelving, your kitchen items can become decorative features that are no longer hidden away in closed cabinets and drawers. 

Colorful Islands

A kitchen island is an excellent opportunity to showcase a pop of color. If you don’t want to commit to colorful cabinets and drawers, an island is a more subtle way to work color into your kitchen. 

Statement Backsplashes

Homeowners are now taking advantage of backsplashes as a way to showcase their personalities. From vibrant colors to bold patterns and unconventional materials, eye-catching backsplashes are a clear trend in current kitchen remodels. 

Black Hardware

Homeowners are taking a step back from conventional chrome kitchen hardware, instead choosing to make a statement with matte black faucets and cabinet handles. This modern, elegant option pairs particularly well with wood accents. 

Butcher Block Countertops

A butcher block countertop can warm up a kitchen, giving it a rustic, cozy appearance. Plus, this countertop option requires almost no maintenance, aside from the odd coat of mineral oil, making it a stellar choice for busy households. 

Natural Materials

Natural materials, like unpainted wood, have become a popular choice for kitchen remodels over the last few years. Many homeowners are even opting for recycled or repurposed wood to enhance their kitchen designs while reducing their environmental footprint. 

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