Allowance Management

In home construction, an allowance is a set amount of money allotted to a construction item. It’s important to set allowances for every item that will be used in the construction, from the front door to the flooring and everything in between. This ensures that the entire construction project stays within your total budget.

Allowance management is included in a construction contract to clarify the costs of construction items that haven’t yet been determined. This step in the contracting process will help you set an appropriate total budget for the project and plan accordingly.

Understanding Construction Costs

Effective allowance management hinges on transparency and communication. Our experienced builders understand the cost of construction items and can help you stay within a budget of any size. We’ll provide insight and context to help you understand the range of construction prices, allowing you to cut costs whenever possible.

Construction items come in a wide range of grades and standards. We can help you decide when to invest in high-quality items and when to choose a budget option, explaining the effect of every item on the total construction cost. We can also provide examples of materials in other completed projects, giving you an idea of how different items will appear in your home.

Examples of construction items that may be included in allowance management include:

  • Doors
  • Flooring
  • Lighting
  • Appliances
  • Cabinetry
  • Paint, finishing, and wood stain
  • Glass and windows
  • Insulation 

Boosting Construction Efficiency with Allowances 

Ultimately, construction allowances speed up the construction process so that your dream home gets finished faster. Rather than selecting items one at a time and trying to manage costs along the way, allowances clarify costs upfront. You’ll have the information that you need to confidently select the right items for your home, all while knowing that you’re within your budget. This open line of communication between the homeowner and the builders ensures that the project is carried out according to plan, lowering the risk of unexpected costs.

Allowance management forms a financial blueprint for the construction of your home. Contact us today to learn more about allowance management for your next remodeling or building project.